Fund 05 - Foundation for Social and Impact Investment


Sklad 05 is a private financial institution established to finance social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

SKLAD 05 – ustanova za družbene naložbe is a private law entity established under the Foundations Act. The fund was established in July 2012 based on the consent of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, and performs activities for the common good in accordance with the law. The founder of Sklad 05 is the company Brez dobička – inovativne družbene storitve d.o.o. (Non-Profit – Innovative Social Services Ltd.).

Sklad 05 – ustanova za družbene naložbe is managed by its management board comprising the following members:

  • Primož Šporar (Brez dobička, Board president)
  • Kristjan Strojan (Institut MONEO, member)
  • Urša Manček  (Insurance company Triglav, member)
  • Tatjana Strojan  (SKUP, member).


We manage (April 2017) 305 Social and Impact Investments in amount of 4.37 mio EUR, for which 2.06 mio EUR was already invested (47%).

Based on our Impact Investment Ready Service we offer you instruments of support and funding:


- Grants within the Investments 0.5% program (financing from income tax), cross-border donation network Transnational Giving Europe – TGE program, Giving Tuseday and Round up financial instruments (,

- Bridge loans (TISE, Sparkasse Banka d.d.) are intended for pre-financing the programs, which already have assured resources (eg. EU projects, public funding), but come across the lack of liquidity for implementation,

- Impact Microcredits provided for starting or expanding social entrepreneurial activities enable access to funds in the amount of 25,000 EUR using mass guarantees, which reduce the risk of non-repayment,

- Social Investments from European Social Entrepreneurship Funds – EuSEF, intended for financing socially beneficial activities, including Social Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe (SIF CEE),

- regional innovation schemes of social investments and accessible financial instruments Regional Impact Scheme – RIS, that we develop in collaboration with municipalities and local or regional partners,

- since 2012 we co-organize annual competitions of social innovation, at which presentations of social innovation take place and support can be gain, and we also yearly co-organize Days of Social Economy

- we are partner in Dplac in Ljubljana, accelerator for social entrepreneurship (  and co-establisher of ZEBRA – Cooperative for ethics in banking (

- we support also other innovative social undertakings, eg. Impact Tourism (

- we participate in different projects, eg. PROFIT





SKLAD 05 – ustanova za družbene naložbe

Britof 469, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia

Tel.: + 386 4 23 44 804

Fax: + 386 4 23 44 805

GSM: + 386 41 684 182 (President of the Management Board of Sklad 05, Primož Šporar)



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