Projekt "Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability - PROFIT"

Projekt "Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability - PROFIT" je bil prijavljen v okviru razpisa Evropske komisije Horizon H2020-ICT-10-2015 (objective “ICT-10-2015a Collective awareness pilots for bottom-up participatory innovation paradigms”).

Projektno partnerstvo: Prijavitelj je EEA s.r.o. (Slovaška), projektni partnerji pa Center for Research and Technology Hellas - CERTH (Grčija), University of Glasgow (Škotska), Democritus University of Thrace - DUTH (Grčija), Semantic Web Company GmbH - SWC (Avstrija) ter European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks - FEBEA (Belgija), v okviru katere sodeluje v projektu tudi Sklad 05 - ustanova za družbene naložbe.

Vrednost projekta: 1,599,467 EUR

Trajanje projekta: januar 2016 - december 2018

Povzetek v angleščini:

The needs for advancement of financial capability and enhancement of financial awareness among informed citizens and market participants have been identified as a major target for improved social performance, client protection and, ultimately, greater societal well-being. The new socioeconomic landscape that has prevailed in the post-crisis world involves changes in the financial, labour and pension markets along with changes in the public finance decisions and the political sphere.

Technological developments have enabled and enhanced the availability of large volumes of information on themes relevant to financial decision making. However, the volume of information, the existence of often ad hoc sources, and the documented existence of cognitive limitations by individuals when it comes to the processing of large volumes of information and the documented widespread financial illiteracy even within developed economies, including those of the European Union all identify the need for

(a) specialized financial education toolkits available to the wider public

(b) advanced crowd-sourcing tools to process financial data, extract and present collective knowledge,

(c) advanced forecasting models exploiting the market sentiment to identify market trends and threats,

(d) novel personalized recommendation systems to support financial decisions according to the user’s profile (financial literacy level, interests, demographic characteristics etc).

Acknowledging aforementioned needs, PROFIT will develop a platform built on Open Source components with aforementioned functionalities that will be pilot-tested via the collaboration with the members of the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA), an institution committed to the responsible banking and finance agenda. The outcomes of the project are expected to enable inferences and specific appropriate practices that can be made available to the wide public in the European Union.

Informacije: ter 041 684 182 (Primož Šporar)

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