SIV Blog - 26.6.2020

Project SIV - Activities in progress

The foundation of the European Cooperative Society (SCE) as a vehicle for the transnational social impact fund & cross-border cooperation

Why creating a transnational fund?

We consider unemployment not merely a national, but a European challenge. By creating a transnational social impact fund, we want to lay the foundation for supplementing traditional labour market instruments in an innovative way. Involving private philanthropic investors will allow us to increase flexibility as compared to existing instruments. By setting up a transnational fund we can create cross-border synergies.
Why establishing a SCE?

As we opted for a philanthropic social impact fund and against a licenced investment fund, we need structures for its implementation as a non-profit organisation. In the SCE we have found a suitable means ensuring both sustainability and the possibility of involving strategic partners from different European countries in various roles. This is important for providing transparency and gaining the trust of potential investors and supporters. The SCE also ensures consistency throughout the EU-states regarding the legal framework for establishment and operation. Furthermore, it enables us to combine social and economic objectives in a balanced way.
Purpose of the SCE

Expert talks on experiences of some successfully implemented voucher

Project partner from Germany Diakonie Württemberg presented the history behind the voucher system used from 2013 until today and the historical background, project partners also had the possibility to ask questions and get to know the and how it has influenced the life of the participants / beneficiaries of the programs. There was a film presented:

Partner meeting

Next partner meeting of SIV project partners is planned to be organized in September, probably on-line, due to the Covid 19 situation.



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